Helping A New Partner And Dog Get Used To Each Other

A lot of times relationships can come with more than one. But often times people come packaged with their beloved dog. As the relationship begins to get more serious it will be important to make sure the partner and dog can coexist. To make the process go as smoothly as possibly follow the tips below. 

1. Get an idea of how the person feels about dogs. It's highly unlikely someone would choose a person they just met over their dog. 

2. Get the dog used to their scent. It can be as simple as using an article of clothing. 

3. Schedule a time they can be introduced to each other. 

4. Do not rush things and let them go at their own pace. It is okay if they don't fall for each other right away. The adjustment period could vary among dogs. 

5. Have toys or treats ready to go. Associating this new person with good things can go a long way.

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